Privacy Policy

The important goal of our team is to provide confidential and safe users’ data at Slots-Money website. We created this online page of Privacy Policy in order to explain the way the information is worked at our site: the content that we provide and receive from our customers. The trust and the confidence is greatly significant for us. That is why we save the privacy of our website visitors each day and each minute.

So, this privacy policy document sets how we are going to treat the personal information while using Slots-Money, its services and content. Our team has a right to change it from time to time and update it in any way. That is why we recommend checking this page in order to be satisfied with all conditions.

How To Collect Information?

There is several ways how our team collects information about the users:

  • To deal with the responds and complaints
  • To provide the services
  • To analyse the statistical information of the customer’s visits and the equipment he uses, including IP addresses, geographical setting, the type of the existing browser and number of the website page view

How Do We Use It?

Our team is going to use the user’s data to:

  • To manage or update our website in order to improve its features, functions or consistency
  • To improve the providing services at our website
  • To deal with the requests and complaints
  • To send the emails or newsletters, related to our services

Moreover, our team will not:

  • Sell, share or lease the information about you or your company
  • Store the personal data from which the user is going to be identified as the consequence of our website visiting
  • Share the banking and payments details

Cookies Rules

Know Website CookiesThe small text file, placed at your PC is called cookies. Like other websites or team uses it. While you are surfing our website, the server provides the useful information about the requested online page that has to be delivered to the right location. So this piece of information is saved in cookies files.

That is why when our user visits another website’s page, he is not seen as the new one. But notice the significant fact that cookies do not give the access to your computer or your personal info.

The users have the rights to accept or decline cookies files. The great amount of the modern browsers automatically saves cookies. However, you have the right to change the browser’s settings to decline the cookies files.

Third Party Cookies

Our website makes use of the third parties service in order to watch the attendance statistics. Of course, we do not gather info about the concrete visitors but we use only the statistic data. Moreover, the gathering of the information is the anonymous stuff.


If you have the important requirements or requests about our Privacy Policy, please contact us through our e-mail

[email protected]

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